The hedgehog

The hedgehog Hedgehog Purpose development of a thin motility of fingers and hands; imitation movements hands; development of understanding of speech.

Game course Suggest kids to play at a table or on a floor.

Let's play in hedgehogs.

Before the beginning of reading the poem we represent a hedgehog fingers are collected in the lock also are straightened.

The hedgehog small froze, And into a ball it was curtailed.

we press fingers we clean needles The sun of a hedgehog warmed The hedgehog was developed! we straighten fingers we show prickles Game can be repeated several times.

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In the same

In the same Look, these are your photos.

What it will manufacture Employ and show, who sleeps.

Correctly, Tanya sleeps.

And who brushes the hair Sascha.

And who runs Olya runs.

In the same way it is possible to give classes with use of photos the relatives of the child making various actions This work it is carried out individually.

Show, where mother washes the dishes.

Show the photo, on which father hammers a tack.

Show, where the brother draws.


Where there is a lot of, and where it is not enough Purpose to teach children to distinguish a grammatical form of the only thing and plural of nouns.

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The kid started

The kid started Coordination of eyes and hands that allows the kid to take the subjects being at different distance from eyes in hands improves.

Also the kid can drop or put a subject directly in a box.

At the age of months time for the next inspection of a state of health comes.

On page you can learn about inoculations which will be made during visit to the doctor.

The kid started to speak If the kid actively said various sounds, at the age of months he can start to say the first words.

For example, instead of the word bread the child can tell , instead of the word cup .

The main difference of these words from former babbling consists that these words are said is comprehended and mean names of subjects.

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The album

The album With Yurochka Natasha's mother we made a photo album here and pies on dish, both Yura with a cup and a saucer, and a bear Mikhail Ivanovich with the son Mishutka and the spouse Nastasia Ivanovna, and here Yura with mother and the father embrace a big tree.

The album constantly replenishes, now it lyubimeyshy manual of the boy.

Children very much love rhymed speech, it is pleasant to them in verses accurate rhythm, musicality.

That is why they, as in a nirvana, plunge in hearing by a time of very long verses and prosaic texts after all the good prose too is rhythmical.

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If after

If after Night dream Now the kid sleeps for all night.

Ukachivaniye, readin lullabies of a song help the child to relax.

If after laying in a bed the kid starts to cry, calm him and leave a room.

If crying renews before entering into a room again, wait for minutes.

Calm the child and again leave a room.

You should give the chance to the kid to learn to fall asleep independently.

WHAT the NEW OCCURRED ON the th WEEK Freedom of movement the Child with ease overcomes room space.

It still moves by means of hands, while feet and a part The th WEEK are dragged on a floor.

The child can temporarily stop movement and sit.

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